NiceCopier is a simple, easy-to-use and handy instrument designed to replace the Windows Explorer file copy.

This application adds many features like pausing, resuming and it calculates the best copy speed. Its main goal is to improve the copy organization and GUI.

NiceCopier shows all copy tasks in one window, you can specify how many should be shown at once in the settings.
If you have more tasks then you need to scroll to see them.

To improve copy performance NiceCopier creates a task queue when you copy from or to the same drive where there is already a task running.

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This screen-shot shows nicecopier while preparing a task.

Here we added a second task which will copy a folder to the same drive, therefore it has been enqueued.
It also shows what type of copy it is, there are also:
'from or to local network'(IPs that begin with 192.168.)
'from or to internet' (over hamachi for example)
'from CD or DVD'

The settings allow you to change some behavior of NiceCopier.
The checked values are the defaults for NiceCopier.
Except for the 'maximum recent tasks' which default is 5.

By default NiceCopier only shows the task after 2s, this improves a bit the performance.
Instead NiceCopier shows a tray-icon message indicating that the task finished.
To also improve performance NiceCopier only shows 2 different icons in the collision-dialog:
file and folder - icons

If you disable this NiceCoper shows the icons that are also showed by windows-explorer, but it will take more time to load the list.

This is always disabled if the folder is on a network.

Also after the copy finished in a cut-paste operation you have 5s to cancel the task before the source will be deleted.

You can also change the style to plastique and thereby change the color of the progress-bar!

This is the recent task list, you can pin the tasks to keep them,
so you can repeat them whenever you want.
NiceCopier creates a random name for every task, but you can rename them if you want.

The collision-dialog is in my opinion the best part of NiceCopier.
Unlike many other programs it shows you ALL existing files in ONE collision dialog as a Tree-view.
You can then choose to ignore,rename or replace all.
If you don't select anything the top files and folders will be ignored,renamed or replaced.

Ignoring a folder is a bit different: If you click on ignore all existing files in the folder and sub-folder will be ignored, not the folder itself.
If you still wish to ignore the whole folder you must right-click it and select ignore.
There you also see the option 'ignore-existing'.
You can also search for a specific file or folder to change it.
It's also possible to see all files that are newer or older than the SOURCE files.

Download NiceCopier